Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer card Camp 2- pre-class challenges

Finally, I am using this blog again.
I have signed up for this online card class;  I have taken several before but I did not do the first summer camp. There were a couple of pre-class challenges, and I decided to try them.

Challenge #1 color challenge.  I was unsure whether one color was in the peachy-orange family or more of a tomato red.  I tried both.

The stamps are from a new HA set called favorite; the sentiment is from PTI.

Another take- I also used the LO design from the second challenge-  IRL the two oranges are more similar.

OK, for the second challenge, it was a sketch challenge.

I went to town.  Too much fun. My husband thought the card was too plain initially, so I added the color and splotches in the upper right corner.  I 'm not sure it adds anything to the card.

Here's another.

And another- I varied on the original design as time went on!
And here is the final one:

OK, it's a wrap.

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  1. This sketch didn't whisper to you, it sung to you! You made some very amazing cards and each so individual but you can still see the sketch as the begining of the design. Fun work! Thank you for sharing!